I assist students in finding what is unique about their history, experiences or talents, and help them give a voice to the narrative in an articulate, engaging and natural style.


The Process

several meetings (in-person, phone or otherwise) with Ellen

Create a Timeline

Set a reasonable timeline based on application deadlines


Discover your meaningful story, which you may not think is important


Write a cohesive first draft from our brainstorming

Edit and Revise

Receive constructive feedback as you write and prepare to submit

Frequently Asked Questions

How many meetings with Ellen are required?

The number of meetings varies depending on the number of applications, the student's prep-work, and application deadlines. We will work and edit until we have essays worthy of the student.

When should we contact Ellen and start the process?

I see students as early as the summer prior to senior year. Deadlines are always looming, and arrive quicker than you anticipate.



for juniors

If students are available summer between junior and senior year, I may have one or two meetings to get them started.
See "FOR SENIORS" for details.


Take the SAT/ACT and any SAT subject tests that might be required for your particular schools.
Look at each college website or check with your guidance counselor for more information.


Enjoy being a sophomore and contact me sometime during junior year!